Introduction to AMP and WordPress security

03 Oct'17
Introduction to AMP and WordPress security

Fast loading pages and security are hot topics in the WordPress world, so we’ve got two great talks lined up: Introduction to AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and WordPress security.Both of our speakers work from Temple Studios, creative office spaces right next to Temple Meads and the delicious Hart’s bakery.

WordPress security: the basics

Matt Tomlinson – Web developer and Director of the Digital Department

WordPress has an undeserved reputation for being insecure. The WordPress codebase is secure. However, vulnerabilities can easily be introduced through poor set-up and configuration by the site administrator.

I’m often asked by clients how best to secure their site, and I’ve seen all sorts of ingenious approaches over the years. As ever in life, it mostly comes down to getting the basics right and keeping on top of things. In this talk, I’ll walk you through the basic mistakes to avoid and cover some more advanced tips and tricks.

Level: Beginner

Matt Tomlinson’s slides –


Getting AMPed: An introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages

David Darke – Founder / Lead Developer at Atomic Smash


Firstly, we’ll look into how to get started using AMP in a matter of minutes, before diving into how it actually works and who the technology is aimed at.

Lastly, I’ll touch on the most important aspect of any new technology, “Should we bother?“.

Level: Intermediate

David Darke’s slides –

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