Applying your WordPress skills to Shopify and Writing for the web

03 July'18
Applying your WordPress skills to Shopify and Writing for the web

We are very pleased to have Lucy Sloss from Studio Mothership to speak about Shopify versus WordPress and Robert Fenner of Lyon Communications will be talking on writing for the web.

1. Applying your WordPress skills to Shopify

Working on a recent project, Lucy was asked to use Shopify rather than WordPress. Although daunting at first, this was a great experience, where she could translate many WordPress skills over to the Shopify platform.

This talk will discuss what was different, what she wishes she had known starting out and what she has learnt since.

We’ll be looking at:

– Shopify vs WordPress

– Shopify’s business model

– Theming with Shopify

– Pros & cons of Shopify

– Shopify Apps

Level: This talk will assume some knowledge of WordPress but is aimed at those completely new to Shopify.

Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate

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2. Writing copy for the web

Robert will give a few suggestions to bear in mind when writing web copy, and even fewer rules. On the list will be audience, language, structure, story, motivation and making copy fit for purpose.

Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate



Slides and notes for this meeting

Lucy Sloss

Robert Fenner

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