Blogging with WordPress and Programatic user permissions

05 Sep'17
Blogging with WordPress and Programatic user permissions

Two very different talks for September: our first talk will be about how to use WordPress for its original purpose (blogging), and the second will be about setting up user permissions using code.


Making a Blog from Scratch 

Rachel Thrum – Creative Producer / Designer

In this talk, Rachel will share her experiences of using WordPress for the first time to set up her blog without knowing how to code. She’ll share tips she wish she knew sooner, and also share some of her design experience in how to make it look good.

• where to start

• choosing a theme

• learning html/css

• my plugins

• creating an mvp

• how will this make money

• finding my voice

• making pretty pictures

Level: Beginner

Slides –


WordPress User Permissions the Code Way

Oli Ward – Develop Me Founder, Instructor and WordPress Developer


There are plenty of plugins around for managing user permissions in WordPress for WordPress administrators, but there is still a case for doing this job by hand and hardcoding roles and capabilities into your theme or plugin, especially if you are web developer and building custom themes and post types.

Some of the key reasons you’ll want to do this is if:

• you want the permissions to be part of the codebase, instead of stored in the database.

• you want to version manage your permissions.

• you have multiple versions of your site (local, testing, production?) and don’t want to manually duplicate changes across all the sites

• you have Custom Post Types and want granular control (e.g. who can create draft posts, who can publish them)

This talk will show you how to make your own roles, set their capabilities (what the user can do) and even make your own custom capabilities to give you even more control over what users can do.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Slides –

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