Building Layouts with CSS Grid and Form UX: Design & coding a user-friendly form

05 Mar'19
Building Layouts with CSS Grid and Form UX: Design & coding a user-friendly form

Our second meetup of the year has a design feel to it with Michele Barker talking about CSS Grid and Liam Jay talking about form UX.

Please note this month we are moving to a new venue, and will be at Runway East. We are in the cafe bar which can be found on the ground floor just a short flight of stairs (there is a lift) up from reception.

1. Building Challenging Layouts with CSS Grid

👩 Michelle Barker

Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate

When it comes to crafting layouts on the web, CSS Grid is more powerful than anything we’ve had available to us before. In this talk I’ll walk through an example of harnessing the power of Grid to build complex, responsive, two-dimensional components, and demonstrate how we can use CSS variables to keep our Grid code DRY, reusable and maintainable.

About Michelle Barker

Michelle is a front end developer with a passion for CSS and a background in design, illustration and events management. By day she builds UX-driven experiences for Ordoo, a mobile ordering startup. She is a prolific writer on her blog, CSS {In Real Life}, and has authored articles for several other publications, including CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine and the Pastry Box Project, to name a few.


2. Form UX: How to design & code a user-friendly form

👨 Liam Jay

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Forms aren’t normally hip and trendy aspects of web design, but almost every website has them, so getting them right is crucial. A form with great UX is easy for your visitors to work though, simple to understand, and looks professional.

My talk will cover how to design and code a great looking form that’s accessible and easy to use.

About Liam Jay

Designer / Front-End Developer at Love Creative UK. Plays too much badminton.


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