Collaboration Night: User Testing Swap Shop + Support Bar

07 Jun'16

Everyone’s skills and insights are welcome at this meeting, no experience necessary (and may be a bonus)! Join us for June’s meeting where you will undoubtedly learn something new by sharing with others.

There will be two parts to this:

User Testing Swap-Shop

Bring a project and have others test it out and give constructive feedback on usability, design, functionality – as a user you’ll get to prod and poke what other people have made, get to ask them questions about it, be inspired and get ideas for your own work.

Support Bar

Bring your WordPress, PHP, hosting, project management, or business questions and we’ll try to find someone who can help.

Both sessions will be run in small groups around the room. We will ask for projects brought for user-testing to be briefly introduced from the front so everyone knows what there is to see. We’ll put some feedback guidelines in place to ensure that feedback is constructive.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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