Creating content and developing child themes

03 Apr'18
Creating content and developing child themes

Stepping into Spring, our two talks for April will provide a refreshing look at best practices for creating web content and developing child themes.

Website Content: Overcoming the fear of the blank page by Claire Chappell

Slides available here

Creating website content is often a major stumbling block for a new website project. If you are a designer trying to get content from a client or someone who wants to write more, this talk will provide starting points to get you going and no longer fear the blank page.

The talk will cover:

– The key questions you need to ask, to write focussed copy.
– How to effectively use case studies and blog posts on your website.
– How to think about content from a user’s point of view.

About Claire

Having worked in the communications department of a large pensions company and spent time rating web pages for Google, Claire started working within website design and WordPress 4 years ago.

Claire specialises in writing content for websites and creating regular content for clients. Two years ago, Claire and her business partner, Laura Hunter, decided to create their own company. The Digital Grapevine combines their skills of website design and copywriting. They find this a successful approach because they both come to a project from a different angle. Starting their own business gave Claire and Laura the freedom to work their own way and collaborate with some great clients.

Claire has been a regular attendee of WordPress Meetups for 2 years and loved volunteering at WordCamp Bristol last year.


Level: Beginner

Best practices for setting up and developing child themes in WordPress by Magda Faizov

Slides available here and here

A child theme is a particular example of a WordPress theme. It depends on a parent theme, doesn’t work on its own but it’s still a valid piece of code that can make a website run and look great.

In her talk, Magda will give a short introduction to child themes, explaining when and why we should use them. She will also share recommendations on best practices for developers.

About Magda

Magda Faizov is a tech freelancer, UX designer and front-end developer, working in the industry for eight years. Over the course of her career, she has worked with private and public sector clients for various companies across London and Bristol, including dxw and Reach Robotics.

Magda has experience delivering WordPress sites for organisations such as NHS England, the Office for National Statistics and Government Digital Service. Magda is also a keen cyclist and is passionate about combining her different skills when working on a web project.


Level: Beginner / intermediate

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