Creating truly fluid themes and lightning talks about WordPress tools/plugins

01 Aug'17
Creating truly fluid themes and lightning talks about WordPress tools/plugins

We’re treating you to a variety of talks in August: our first talk will be about creating fluid themes, followed by variety lightning talks* from our members about tools they really like to use with WordPress.

* Never heard of a lightning talk? It’s a very quick talk that usually lasts no more than 5 minutes and is aimed at giving you a flavour of something rather than a detailed guide on how to do something.


Beyond responsiveness: creating truly fluid themes (full-length talk – 20/25 mins)

Michael Burridge – Freelance WordPress specialist @michaelburridge

The “received wisdom” in the world of web design is that all websites should be responsive these days. While this is true, responsiveness isn’t a perfect solution.

In this talk, we’ll look at some of the problems and issues with responsive design, and then we’ll look at how to get around these by developing a theme which is not just responsive but genuinely and fully fluid.

The aim will be a theme where the layout remains consistent, proportional, reliable, and exactly as the designer intentioned, whatever the width of the viewport.

Level: Beginner +


ht-hack-cess – basic .htaccess for WordPress (lightning talk)

Martin Brown – Web developer

Quick things you can do with simple .htaccess file edits

Level: Intermediate



How I use Git with WordPress (lightning talk)

Rob George – Web applications developer

A look at how I setup Git when starting a new WordPress project to track custom theme and plugin development in one place.

Level: Intermediate +



Hidden CSS (lightning talk)

Liam Jay – Web Designer, Front-End Developer, and WordPress Specialist 

Discover simple solutions to common web problems using CSS code you didn’t know about.

Level: Intermediate (you’ll need some knowledge of CSS already)


The blog post Liam did on the the navigation dividers is here if you just want to copy & paste the code needed for it:


ManageWP for good client relations (lightning talk)

Janice Tye – Owner and Manager at 123 Design

A quick run through of how using ManageWP for website administration aids workflow and website maintenance.

Level: Beginner

Here are the three videos Janice used to show us WP Manage:


Gantry: the missing piece of the WordPress jigsaw (lightning talk)

A quick introduction to RocketTheme’s Gantry plugin/framework enabling rapid development of responsive themed sites. 

Brian Prescott – MD, Brightspark Associates,  Linkedin:­prescott

Experience level: Intermediate (you’ll need some familiarity with theme development)

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