Come along to our next meet up

By far, the best way to start connecting with Bristol WordPress People is to join us at a meetup. It’s free to become a member and attend our events, you can join and secure your place online via our Meetup group.

Come along on the first Tuesday of every month at The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, on King Street in Bristol. You’ll find us upstairs in the function room – watch this short video showing how to get there. We kick things off at 6.30pm and we recommend you arrive early to grab some tasty food and discounted drinks on the bar upstairs, which we are able to provide thanks to our generous sponsorship from and Develop Me.

Opportunities to get involved

Our group is growing and is very dynamic. Everything we do is volunteer-led, so if you’d like to take the next step and get more involved, everyone is welcome to help in whatever capacity suits them.

Whether you’re happy to give feedback or tips to a fellow member, write a guest post for our blog or deliver a talk, we can all contribute to building our community. Just by coming along to our meetups, you will help to make our community even more vibrant.

Here’s a summary of what you can do with our group

  • Attend
    Come along to a meet up! Sign up here.
  • Record
    Film videos or record podcasts during the meet up.
  • Teach
    Share your knowledge or examples of your work with other members.
  • Offer
    Give support and advice to other members.
  • Help
    Join the organising team to source speakers, plan meet ups and volunteer your time.
  • Talk
    Offer to give a talk on any subject you like.
  • Write
    Prepare a guest post for our blog.
  • Collaborate
    Involve another member in a project you're working on.
  • Get Connected Online
    Follow our social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Join in-depth discussions by requesting to join our private Facebook group and Slack group. Suggest social media posts or volunteer to join our social media team. Take photos and share them online with the hashtag #wpbristol.

If you’d like to contact the organisers, please fill in the form below: