Google Analytics/Webmaster tools and Going Beyond the Customiser

06 Sep'16

We bring you another two great talks this month: an SEO themed talk on Google Analytics /Google Webmaster tools and a talk aimed at beginners on how to get more control over your website without coding.

As always we’ll be in the upstairs room of The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer from about 6.30pm. There’ll be plenty of chance to chat with our other friendly and welcoming members and to ask questions if have them both before and after the talks.

We hope to see you there! 

Supercharging your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools setup on WordPress

Phil Pearce – Freelance PPC / SEO / Web Analyst

Phil will give us an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) themed talk first. He will walk us through the auto configuration files for Google Tag Manager which outputs Google Analytics and recommended Google Webmaster settings. Also Phil will cover enabling structured data (JSONLD) which will improve your organic traffic.

It promises to be a really interesting talk on a subject we haven’t covered before.

Level: Intermediate +

Demo page:

GTM Demo login
pw: philrulesgtm7

SEO Videos (good video)

GA slides for enabling GA for wordpress (via GTM):
GTM Config file for WP:

Beyond the Customiser – learn how to get more control over your website without coding 

Rob George – Web developer and business owner

Do you need to make a change to your WordPress theme but there just isn’t an option in the menu to do it? Do you want to backup your site but are flummoxed by the array of plugins and code out there available to do it? Then this talk is for you!

Rob will cover how to perform really useful actions without special software that will take your WordPress site to the next level. Learn how to:

* set up and edit a child theme from the browser

* backup and restore your website with complete confidence

If you’re already an expert then see how these tools can be used to allow you to help out non experts when they don’t have a local copy of the website or a child theme.

Level: Beginner +


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