Help! I need a help tab and WP i18n & l10n*

01 Dec'15

Last one before the new year, two talks from Regulars Michael and Simon. Covering two ways to help make your theme/plugin work for everyone. As usual, we will be in The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer from 6:30 PM looking to get the first talk started at 7 PM. We are in the function room upstairs – just ask at the bar if you haven’t been before.

Oh and don’t worry about the geekiness of the titles – these talks are aimed at all skill levels 🙂

WP i18n & l10n*

Michael Burridge

Ensuring that your theme/plugin can be used by people of other cultures and by speakers of other languages

Level: Beginner / Mid-weight

Help! I need a help tab

Simon Pollard

Adding help text to your theme/plugin in the WordPress drop down help menu and looking into notification boxes for useful feedback to your users.

Level: Beginner / Mid-weight

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