I’m going to change your world (WordPress WP-CLI)

04 Jul'17
I’m going to change your world (WordPress WP-CLI)

Ok so probably not totally change it, but in this talk, Tim and Keith will be taking you through one of the worst-kept secrets in WordPress, WP-CLI, the command line interface for WordPress.They will cover why EVERYONE should be using it and some of the most useful features it brings.

This is an introductory talk aimed at a general audience even if you have never used a command line in your life. This will probably appeal to those who want to find out more about coding with WordPress or who already do.


Terminal Happiness

Keith Hyde – WordPress Systems Engineer at 34SP.com

@keithage (twitter) – mr-badger.co.uk

Keith will take you through some basics of using the unix command line, in a short talk to help you get use to navigating and using simple commands that you are likely to want to use with WP-CLI

Level: Beginner – Intermediate


Ready, now we really are going to change your world…

Tim Nash – WordPress Platform Lead at 34SP.com

@tnash (twitter) – timnash.co.uk

From automation to extending WP-CLI Tim is going to start to show some of the true power of using WP-CLI and how developers and theme designers can maximise its usage. From moving away long running processes to making developing themes and plugins faster.

Level: Intermediate

Here are some rough notes that one of our members, Dez Futak, has taken – http://txt2.eu/2tNOQ98

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Inkior0H4

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