Loops and custom fields – making WordPress work for you

03 Nov'15

Two talks looking into some tips and tricks on how to use a WordPress loop on your site and utilising custom post types and custom fields.

Having looked at tools for use with WordPress the past few weeks we are returning to WordPress itself this month and showing you how to do stuff to start making your site do more for you.

Loop the Loop – how to get data and use it

Simon Pollard

Looking at how to get data from WordPress (including custom post types) and use and manipulate it for your website. For example getting an event custom post type and displaying those events then adding filters such as dates and types to get specific results.
– Level: Beginner/Intermediate – basic knowledge of PHP/HTML

Creating a client friendly newsletter template with Advanced Custom Fields

Janice Tye

Using Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields set of plugins I regularly create for my clients user friendly newsletter templates that allow them to make layout selections, populate the template with text and images without creating a dogs dinner that offends the eye. This presentation will take you through the process of the latest one I am working on for a London charity.
– Level: Intermediate – basic knowledge of PHP and CSS.

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