Maintenance and hosting knowledge crowd-sourcing night

06 Dec'16

By popular request, we’re holding a night all about hosting and maintenance. Rather than have an expert stand-up at the front of the room, we thought it would be more fun to draw on the knowledge and experience of everyone present.

Together we will crowdsource the answers to your questions, learn from each other’s experiences and find out stuff we didn’t even know we needed to know!

You will be guided through the discussion by the group organisers and we’ll cover:

• What things you need to consider about your site when picking a hosting provider

• What hosting providers the group reckons are great or rubbish

• What parts of your site need maintaining

• Handy knowledge and tips to shortcut the pain of maintaining your site

Our group is super friendly and has a huge variety of members of all skill levels. We’ll make sure the discussions are inclusive of everyone and there will be a strong emphasis on ‘no such thing as a silly question’ on the night!

Level: Intermediate +

(We will assume you already know what hosting is and will have made at least one WordPress site of your own)


Website management
  • Manage WP – highly rated by the group, a tool to help manage sites and workflow
  • StatusCake – website monitoring – free and paid plans
  • Uptime Robot – another website monitoring tool – free or a paid plan
  • Free website monitor – Android app that instantly alerts you to any problems
  • Linode – cloud hosting for developers
  • EasyEngine – for setting up PHP/MySQL and WordPress very easily on said Linux hosting (esp Nginx) oh and check out who is on their homepage :p
  • Composer – dependancy manager for PHP, great for WordPress and plugins etc
  • Capistrano – for deployment

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