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Diversity is what makes our group strong, so every talk is different.

  • This month of December we will be talking about sustainability in the Internet and project sustainability. Read more

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  • We are very pleased to welcome back Tim Nash from 34SP, a hosting company and also one of our lovely sponsors, to join us this August to take his teachings on security to the next level.

    Tim is the WordPress Platform Lead for 34SP.com, a managed WordPress host. His job is a mix of Dev/Sec/Ops with an unhealthy dose of project management thrown in. He is also one of the co-organisers of WordPress Leeds, as well as a regular speaker and a less frequent writer and video presenter.

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  • We are very pleased to have Lucy Sloss from Studio Mothership to speak about Shopify versus WordPress and Robert Fenner of Lyon Communications will be talking on writing for the web.Read more

  • We are super pleased to have Anthony Hartnell, who works at Atomic Smash, share his knowledge on a key component of WordPress code: the humble hook. We also ran a GDPR Q&A.
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  • For our May event, we will welcome talks from Helen Varley, a multi-skilled freelancer and James Frost, an iOS app developer for Automattic, as they share their insight, knowledge and handy resources relating to using or building WordPress themes and the WordPress mobile apps.

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  • A spin-off from our main meetup exploring the more technical side of WordPress development. Open to anyone and everyone who enjoys looking at code and finding out more about the backend technologies that WordPress uses.

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  • Stepping into Spring, our two talks for April will provide a refreshing look at best practices¬†Read more

  • Our next meet up is all about transforming your next WordPress project into a success Read more

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