Show, Tell, Ask & Help

06 Jun'17

This month our members get the chance to show off their WordPress projects and have people check them out and test them. You can ask how people built their projects and what techniques they used. We also welcome any questions anyone has in regards to a WordPress project they are working on.

This event is a bit different from what we normally do but is always hugely popular with our members. It appeals in three ways:

1. It’s a chance to show others what you have been making, get it tested and get impartial feedback. Seeing how people interact with your website is hugely valuable and is a vital part of making sure what you have created really works! Bring a laptop (yes there’s wi-fi) and set yourself up at one of the desks around the room which members will be free to wander around. Our members are always very friendly and constructive in their feedback.

2. If you haven’t got a website to show, you can always come along and ask questions. We will have an equivalent to what WordCamps call the happiness bar. If you have a problem/bug with a WordPress site, or a question or just want to chat about WordPress then come and natter with us. No question is a silly question, no matter how basic!

3. Lastly, this event is a fantastic way to network and discover a world of possibility with WordPress. Looking at people’s work, talking about how it works or doesn’t work is an amazing way to learn. And of course meeting our incredibly diverse range of members is hugely fun in itself!

This will also be a great time for anyone who has any ideas on what they would like to see talked about in the group or any other ideas.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your experience level with WordPress – you are bound to find out something useful that you didn’t know you needed to know!

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