Supercharging WordPress Development in 2018 and Hiring WordPress People


We are very pleased to be welcoming Adam Tomat, Lead developer at @Rareloop – The Digital Product Studio and Ben Kelly of Appeal Digital.

Supercharging WordPress Development in 2018

Adam Tomat will be talking about Supercharging WordPress Development in 2018.

Often WordPress themes are not easy to change, maintain or fun to work on. This can rule WordPress out as a viable option for bespoke, non-trivial websites.

In this technical talk we’ll dive into how this happens & look at how we can benefit from software engineering techniques to help make your code easier to change. I’ll also show how using Lumberjack, a powerful MVC framework built on Timber, can be used to power-up your themes.

Lead developer at @Rareloop – The Digital Product Studio. Advocate for progressive enhancement, accessibility, collaboration, OSS and making code easy to change


Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Hiring WordPress People

Ben Kelly will be talking about starting or growing a business and bringing other people in on your vision.

In this talk you will be guided you through some of Ben’s team’s learning experiences (read: mistakes) and their approach to bringing people on board with a focus on their development team.

“When starting or growing a business, bringing other people in on your vision will probably be the most difficult thing you have to. But it will also be the most rewarding.

After quitting my job with my business partner Luke in 2016, we’ve brought 10 people on board in various capacities, including freelancer, erasmus placement, intern, apprentice, part time and of course full time employee. We’ve also fully adapted WordPress as our framework/CMS of choice, despite a lot of our staff having no prior experience with it!

In this talk I’ll guide you through some of our learning experiences (read: mistakes) and our approach to bringing people on board with a focus on our development team.

Topics covered include;

  • -Identifying a gap in your workforce and knowing when to hire.
  • Preparing yourself and your business for bringing people on board.
  • Marketing your business to your potential employees.
  • Finding people, specifically WordPress developers, who work with WordPress like you do.
  • Interviewing and creating a rock solid interview process.
  • Onboarding and getting your employees happy and productive quickly.
  • How to keep employees engaged and fulfilled.
  • Dealing with issues and making accommodations.Level: Beginner


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