Supercharging WordPress with Lumberjack : How to write extensible WordPress code

02 Apr'19

Our third meetup of the year has a focus on writing better code.
Mark Wilkinson will be talking about writing extensible code and Adam Tomat will show us how to supercharge WordPress with Lumberjack.

Please note last month we moved to a new venue at Runway East. We are in the cafe bar which can be found on the ground floor just a short flight of stairs (there is a lift) up from reception.

1. How to write extensible WordPress code

👨 Mark Wilkinson

Skill level: Intermediate

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same code on multiple projects, but customise it to work differently on each? Wouldn’t that save so much time?

Well, the answer, of course, is yes and to do this you need to write extensible code that you and others who use your plugins and themes can modify and extend, on a per-project basis.

Mark will look at what extensible code is, why you should be writing extensibly including the benefits it brings and the techniques used to do so.

About Mark Wilkinson

Mark is a developer and co-founder of Highrise Digital, the tiny WordPress agency with big ideas, providing WordPress development excellence,
without the layers of management associated with larger agencies.
Mark has been using WordPress since late 2005, all the way back to version 2.0.

Mark loves contributing to the WordPress community, particularly in the UK and you may have seen him speaking about development at your local meet up or WordCamp.

@wpmark /

2. Supercharging WordPress with Lumberjack

👨 Adam Tomat

Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced

Often WordPress themes are not easy to change, maintain or fun to work on. This can rule WordPress out as a viable option for bespoke, non-trivial websites.

In this talk Adam dive into how this happens & look at how we can benefit from software engineering techniques to help make your code easier to change. He’ll also show how using Lumberjack (a powerful MVC framework built on Timber) can be used to power-up your bespoke themes.

About Adam Tomat

Lead developer at @Rareloop – The Digital Product Studio. Advocate for progressive enhancement, accessibility, collaboration, OSS and making code easy to change.

@adamtomat /

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