The value of design and getting into the WordPress community

07 Nov'17
The value of design and getting into the WordPress community

Two great talks for the beginners in our group – what is design and why you need it and how to get involved in the WordPress community without knowing a stitch of code! As always, there will be plenty of chances to ask questions, discuss solutions and network with a wide range of WordPress users, from beginner to expert.


Understanding design

David James: Designer –

For those who want to know what design is and why it matters, an overview of design as a process and its role in building a website.

Level: Beginner


Diving into the WordPress community

Tess Coughlan-Allen: Marketing Manager – @tessc_a

What I’ve learnt from working with WordPress is that you don’t need to feel techy to feel involved. The WordPress world is welcoming and everyone can contribute. It doesn’t always need to revolve around coding, it’s up to you what you bring to the table.

During this talk, I will share my personal experience of using content creation and community building skills within the WordPress scene and explore how you can embrace the community so you can:

• Build relationships to open up new opportunities and collaborations

• Learn, teach and share

• Realise your value and capitalise on your strengths

• Find your place in the tech community

Level: Beginner

Slides: Diving into the WordPress community

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