We’re back… finally with talks and Q&A

30 Jun'15

Ok, so we are back finally and have hopefully now found a fixed venue so we can have regular meetings.

We will be in the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer pub on King Street, in the function room upstairs.

Running a WordPress business and making a profit (hopefully)

Janice Tye 

Methods of running a WordPress business based on my business experience over the past few years. Things that have helped me to retain clients and have recurring revenue.

Smarter Grids with Sass and Susy…and WordPress!

Michelle Barker
In this talk I’ll look at how using Susy, a Sass grid framework, can make creating responsive grids for the web easier and speed up your design workflow. I’ll cover getting started with Sass and Susy in your WordPress project, the advantages of using Susy, and some useful mixins and functions to help you create awesome grids.


Make use of the knowledge at these meetups and ask us a WordPress question, hopefully, someone should be able to help you out.

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