WooCommerce and Building complex layouts using CSS’s flexbox

WooCommerce and Building complex layouts using CSS’s flexbox

This month we have arranged two speakers to cover two very different topics to do with WordPress. First up we’ll be talking about WooCommerce, one of WordPress’s most popular e-commerce plug-ins. Following that we’ll cover how to use the flexbox features in CSS to build more complex layouts for your pages.

WooCommerce – from idea to sale in 30 mins

Ronald Gijsel – Web Designer at Webbees

Ronald has several years of experience with WooCommerce, with around 25 WooCommerce stores created/managed/customised plus many clients trained in managing their WooCommerce site.

In this talk, Ronald will touch on the basics of WooCommerce from installation to making the most of the standard settings, plus some extra tips on setting up WooCommerce including:

• Ideas, Planning and Installation

• What are Product types, Attributes and Variations?

• Postage and Shipping Classes

• Checkout and Payment Status’  Customisation, shortcodes, UX improvements, tracking settings on Analytics

• Q&A

Level: Beginner +

Slides: https://saltpeanuts.xyz/socks/


Building complex layouts using CSS’s flexbox

Hannah Smith – Multi-skilled tech freelancer in Bristol

Ever wondered how to go about making beautiful multi-columned theme templates? In years gone by, this was really hard to achieve – you needed to be a CSS ninja to get great results across all browsers. These days, us mere mortals can use the power of CSS’s flexbox to make great layouts that work in all supported browsers.

In this talk, Hannah will cover:

• The basics of how to use CSS flexbox

• Different ways of using it in your WordPress site

• How to change your layout according to the size of device it’s being viewed on (responsive layouts)

Level: Intermediate + (we will be talking about code)

Slides: http://slides.com/hanopcan/bristolwp-flexbox#/

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