WordPress by subscription and mastering digital deadlines

06 Mar'18
WordPress by subscription and mastering digital deadlines

Our next meet up is all about transforming your next WordPress project into a success by improving your business model and time management.

WordPress by subscription: The recurring business model that saved my business (and my sanity) – Slides available here

Elliott Porter

A profitable 13-year-old web development business was close to failure… 2 years on, Elliott will share with you how he turned this around, with WordPress at the ‘core’ of his new recurring business model.

The mess he was in, the lessons learned, the happy ending and his love of WordPress and its community will all be revealed, along with an overview of the science and benefits of a subscription business model.

Level: Beginner

http://weblake.co.uk @weblake

”I don’t have time to be efficient!” How to master your digital deadlines – Slides available here

Daniel Reading

People who work with WordPress often operate alone or in very small teams, which can pose challenges for project planning and time management. When focusing on an area of expertise, it can be easy to lose sight of wider project goals and how to manage time to beat deadlines.

In this talk, Daniel will share tips and examples of how time management, project management and agile working can benefit individuals working in software development, website development and the digital space, covering:

– Mastering time for project management

– Improving efficiencies to improve working life

– Taking control with PRINCE2

Level: Beginner

https://minddoodle.com @MindDoodleCom

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