WordPress hooks and GDPR

05 June'18
WordPress hooks and GDPR

We are super pleased to have Anthony Hartnell, who works at Atomic Smash, share his knowledge on a key component of WordPress code: the humble hook. We also ran a GDPR Q&A.

1. An introduction to WordPress hooks: actions and filters

by Anthony Hartnell

Slides available here

Anthony will be lifting the lid on WordPress and demonstrating how a theme is structured using actions and filters. These are very powerful, but often misunderstood features of WordPress that allow anyone to add custom code at specific events giving complete control over any theme.

We’ll be looking at:

* How actions and filters work
* How to write an action or filter by following the WordPress Codex
* Examples of actions and filters
* How to apply this to the TwentySeventeen theme in a live coding demonstration.

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Twitter: @assemblrTech


Level: Intermediate, it will help if you come with some idea of what GDPR is before hand – https://www.eugdpr.org/

Please arrive from 6.30pm. You will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgable volunteers who will help you get your name badge and get settled in. We aim to start the talks at around 7pm so there’s plenty of time to meet our other members, get a drink and have a graze from the buffet we provide thanks to our generous sponsors.

We usually start the night off with some updates about what’s happening in the local and national WordPress community and members are welcome to add their own updates. Speak to one of the organisers wearing a red name badge before we start if you’d like to say or ask something.

After the first talk we take a break and then have our second talk. Following that if you want to stick around a few of us usually hang around for another drink and chat. The talks usually finish around 9.15pm (ish).

We will be upstairs in the function room, here is a handy video showing you how to get there: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGy9lM_wC_w/

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