Writing coherent web content and lightning talks

04 Oct'16

We’re treating you to four talks in October: our first talk will be on writing coherent content followed by three lightning talks*.

As always we’ll be in the upstairs room of The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer from about 6.30pm with talks starting at 7pm. You’ll be welcomed on arrival by our friendly and knowledgable volunteers where you can grab your name badge and get settled in.

There’ll be plenty of chance to chat and network with our other members and to ask questions if have them before, after and during the talks.

We hope to see you there!

* Never heard of a lightning talk? It’s a very quick talk that usually lasts no more than 10 minutes (including questions) and is aimed at giving you a flavour of something rather than a detailed guide on how to do something.

How to Create Easy Outlines for Writing Coherent Content

Zach Goldie – Copywriter and USP Creator

Do you or your client end up writing a stream of consciousness to somehow include on a site? Well don’t worry – you’re not on your own!

Zach will guide the group through an easy way to create a custom set of questions, laying out a set of prompts to help you or your client get the text straight. For a homepage, this might be a series of questions like:

• Where am I?

• What outcome is on offer?

• How will they manage this?

• Why should I trust them?

• If I like it, what should I do next?

With this, you can write out the answers happy that the text follows a natural progression through the site & can be easily split into small chunks.

In the session, you’ll learn how to create these prompts for a range of pages, including subtle ways to word the questions to ensure your writing is clear to your visitors, or to make clients think you’re a goddamn magician!!

Level: Beginner +

Slides: https://www.zachgoldie.com/guide

Custom post meta the code way – lightning talk

Simon Pollard – Lead Web Developer at SHIFT Active Media

Showing you how to add custom meta fields to posts using your own reusable code and no need for plugins.

Level: Intermediate +

Slides: http://slides.com/simonp303/loops-4-5-7

Dealing with database problems – lightning talk

Michael Burridge – Website designer/devel­oper specialising in WordPress

How to deliver a good user experience when your database server goes down.

Level: Beginner +

WordPress Multisite – lightning talk

Hannah Smith – Freelance agile doer: web developer, project manager and organiser

An introduction to WordPress Multisite which allows you to host multiple sites (on different domains) with just one installation of WordPress.

Level: Intermediate +

Slides: https://cldup.com/LxkkThi7cQ.pptx

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